Friday, October 22, 2010

Many dream...

.. few manage it. (actually that is a sentence from the book im currently reading, it is said when the main character's house is on fire and he says "there is a dog as well. stuck in the house unless she's learned to fly". it is a book by annie proulx, postcards. i didnt read much american literature before, but i am catching up pretty well, currently. i like this book and writing style, it gives me a good view of the american life, although rather dark..).
above was last sunday. this area is around the place of "our" favorite supermarket. it is a run-down, industrial area. it was actually the first time we went somewhere solely for the purpose of taking pictures. it was not much of a success, i wasnt happy with any of the pics i took. i liked the building above, but the car was in the way... a little later i saw why it was parked there; they were having a photoshoot! while i took a pic of the scene, the mother of the model asked whether i wanted to take a pic of her daughter as well.. then she told us that they are originally from brasil, and that they (she?) hopes that her 17-year old daughter becomes a real model. however, a professional photoshoot was sooo expensive, so now a friend was taking pictures of her. in the end she added; ah, yes, if she would make it... then i dont have to work anymore!!!

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Tim said...

hahaa.. the dream of all mothers: your daughter becomes a coke-snorting coffee-drinking anorexic.