Monday, October 4, 2010

So sunny

saturday the weather was really sooooo perfect! i couldnt stop saying that... above people are waiting to cross the street, many holding their hands to see something in the late afternoon sun. coming from the boston common, on the other side is the public garden. there were no clouds, the entire day!! tim and me did this walk so many times, but every time i enjoy it, coming from downtown crossing, through the 2 parks, then on boylston, passing the public library (and the hancock tower), hopping into anthropologie to see what fancy and too expensive stuff they have for us to marvel at this time.. and then to prudential to buy the best cookies i had so far in the US of A at paradise bakery. this time we had visitors we dragged along with our walk, i hope they enjoyed it as well... :)


Tim said...

the bakery is called paraiso..... SO GOOD! I wish i had one right nooooooooooooooooow drool. haha

CaT said...

noo, its called paradise!
yeah very stupid... :( i should have packed a cookie for lunch today... tomorrow then!

Unknown said...

Yes the visitors liked it as well! :)