Monday, August 29, 2011

Oratory skills

ok, just a little bit more about irene. these girls just return from the water, yesterday during the storm. eloquently speaking about nothing is an art very well studied in ancient greece and rome. i will always remember my latin teacher saying; well, and then you for example had to give a speech of 10 minutes about.... a doorknob! well..... that doorknob was irene, yesterday. in many places the tropical storm (she was downgraded from hurricane to storm) "just" caused heavy winds and rain, and thus all those reporters were desperate showing something, any tiny flood or damage she was causing. this is an excellent compilation at universal hub showing just that; both me and tim had to laugh out loud last night. or this video, where a reporter is going on and on and on about some organic matter in which he is entirely covered. he is not aware that it is actually just sewage he is talking (and sniffing/tasting) about.... HAHAHAHA! but.... many trees came down, and many people were (are?) without power etc etc, as you can read here.
buuughh, im bored by my own writings. clearly not only the reporters need some better oratory skills.. :)
good night!


biebkriebels said...

Hahaha, hilarious videos, the sewage, sometimes news is not news but just entertainment.The aftermath is giving more trouble I think, the loss of power etc. Hope things are resolved soon for everybody.

Tim said...

maybe your words bore you but this picture is beautiful