Sunday, April 1, 2012

So sleepy!

days go by so fast... then its suddenly past 11 again and time for bed. i never want to goto sleep in the evening and never want to get up in the morning, like a little kid. but when i do get to bed early, i usually cant sleep.
ah well. this guy just dropped down in the park. homeless? drunk? both? it was a little weird. this was a week or 2 ago, i already forgot! but it was not too cold out.
this weekend was rather chilly, especially yesterday. this morning it seemed we would get a great spring-like day. until the sun disappeared again.... and is it really april again?!


biebkriebels said...

This looks rather sad, he must be exhausted to lie down like this.

Tim said...

yeah, or drunk. i think it's ridiculous that the authorities don't prevent this. It's a form of littering, and you see them quite often in parks here. When I was 17, i was in a park in chicago and the police came with their car on the grass, straight through the park, to tell me that i was trespassing because the park was closed after dark..

Kay said...

He's pretty decently dressed, but looks passed out.

I've spent years trying to reset my internal clock so I could get enough sleep to be up and alive in the morning. It's never worked. My head just can't shut down early at night. Hard as I've tried I usually end up looking like that guy above by the end of the week.

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Ooops! I thought he may be dead when I first looked at it! Just as well he's just exhausted and napping.