Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cat Power!

last night we went to a concert of cat power in the house of blues in boston!! i like her music and she just released a new cd.
we arrived early, too early.the only good thing about that was that we got a spot in the very front! but then the wait started; the band playing before the real concert was so terribly awful, it would have been better if there had been just silence. only at 10 cat power decided to show herself (the concert started at 8....grrrr). she came with a cup of tea (someone else had already put a chair and what seemed a bottle of liquor on the stage, but she didnt touch either during the concert), and lots of incense that she kept burning during the concert (beeeggghhh). it was (mostly) a good concert, i really liked it, and it was nice to be at the very front, for once, not having to stand on tiptoes as most of the world is taller than me. unfortunately, at some point we were afraid we would not catch the last subway train (we dont even know when the last is, i always assume its around midnight, but i just looked it up, its actually at 12.30), so we left while she was just finishing up.... :(
taking pictures was very difficult, as you can see, even when in the front. buuuhhh!


biebkriebels said...

That's nice you went to a concert, but to wait so long is awful.Like the photo with the lightstripes.

Kay said...

We went to a series of concerts a few months ago, planning to see the last act of the day. The act before that one, however, got "stuck in traffic" coming from Seattle and the festival organizers held up everything waiting for that group to arrive - two hours late! Then they started a sound check and wouldn't cooperate with the sound techs. After sitting for 2-1/2 hours waiting for the "next" act the one before it still hadn't started. We got up and left. It soured our attitudes for the rest of the 3-day festival. I know stuff happens, but if you've got an audience that has managed to get there and wait, the least a performer can do is TRY to get there when they say they will.