Thursday, November 20, 2014

Golden jacket

how can you tell this in the US and not in the netherlands? 
first there is the ATM sign in the window and the ladies' barnes & nobles bag (but the latter of course doesnt mean anything, i still use american shopping bags here). most certainly the pavement. for pedestrians the pavement never looks like this in the netherlands (unless there is some construction going on), and it very often looks like this in the USA. also, the pavement will be more elevated from the remainder of the street (i guess at least twice as high as above). then the shoes; i guess she will exchange them for something more stylish once she arrives at her destination. this is something dutch people never do, but they also dont wear as high heels as americans tend to do (but they often do wear heels, and in general i think dutch women wear more stylish shoes than american women). i actually am seriously contemplating to do as the americans do; comfy shoes for the commute, fancy shoes for the office. i will be so much faster while trying to catch a train, and my nice shoes will stay nice much longer.... but i wouldnt want my colleagues to see that i am a shoe switcher.... hmmmm..... how to solve that problem! :)
and the jacket? i dont think many dutch women would wear one like this, but it was the reason for me to take this pic!


Kay said...

I wouldn't have noticed those details and differences...that gold coat took over the whole picture for me. Then the umbrella and bag.
Go on! Be a shoe switcher! Save your feet (and your shoes).

Jack said...

The red umbrella and bag were the things I saw first. The shoe switch that American women do makes perfect sense to me.

Andy said...

I like this shot. The gold and red really bring the scene to life.

biebkriebels said...

A golddigger? American tourists still walk in those huge white sportshoes around in Amsterdam, ouch so awful.