Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free entrance

on wednesday evenings, you can enter the museum of fine arts for free. as there was an exhibition of richard avedon, i really wanted to go there again. at the ticket desk the girl was very friendly and all, she asked for our zipcode, and an emailaddress (why do they always always want your emailaddress? at least now we just say no, but in the beginning we even gave them!), and then she said: "no entrance fee today. would you like to make a donation?" "um. no". and then it was probably our consience that made us feel from then on she was quite a bit less friendly...
anyways, i very much enjoyed avedon's photos. and wow, he had a long long career. he started in 1942, and in 2000, 4 years before his death, he still was photographing fashion. in fact, i just read that he died while shooting for the new yorker, on october 1st. i liked the fashion photos they displayed he made around 1956, i think they were quite ahead of his time..
there was one guy at the exhibit with a big profi camera, and he was photographing avedon's pics... why?? you also just could buy them at the museum shop!