Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fire alarm

staying with the MFA (museum of fine arts). when we just got in, the fire alarm went off and we all had to go out. there it was clearly visible that the MFA has an interesting collection of museum guards. above a nice example. anyone who asked what was going on she answered: if there is a fire alarm in the subway, do you ask whats going on? no, you do not. you leave. so dont ask me. when a cab drove by, she said to no one in particular: what is he driving here while there is a fire alarm?!
right when i was leaving the lab today, there was also a fire alarm. dont know what was going on as i was leaving anyways... and when we just got home, a fire-engine was stopping right at our house. and then the firemen came to our door to ask whether there was a fire as they were warned there was one. there wasnt one in our house.. and then they just left, they did not even try at the door next to ours, where there are 4 more apartments.
ah, and it is very hot and humid today, but luckily we did not notice any fire..

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Tim said...

i dont know why museum guards are always so weird!! this one was weird, old, and nasty as hell!! haha..