Saturday, July 9, 2011

Living proof

when we were walking around cambridge (from the mall to the cinema, how american!), we passed this parking lot with the sign "living proof. visitor". that was funny!
around that area are a lot of biotech companies located. so i thought that living proof might be one of them... and well.. it seems to be a startup that aims to apply innovations in science to address beauty challenges; they sell hair products... and this is their slogan:"science is beautiful. we are living proof" hahahaha. as a scientist... hmm... i should just refrain from giving my opinion... here you can read a little more about science and my friend sylvia's opinion, if youd like..
living proof is also a song by cat power! she is an american singer/songwriter and i found her by coincidence, when i was once bored and typing random things into google.. :D then i got her CDs, played them in the lab, and i liked it a lot, but the others not that much.. :)
and tims shirt says; "rock is dead. and paper killed it" but to understand that, you have to be an american, having played rock, paper, scissors....