Thursday, November 10, 2011

Covered pool

i at least learned from my previous post that "kiekeboe" in english is peekaboo, and in swedish its "tittut".. :) i was hoping for more, but i guess it will be a long wait. another post then...  finally we have internet again (jeeejjj!), so that makes things easier as well. i was looking for a picture from the fall colors... its beautiful currently, but my pictures dont show it... :( and while yesterday was a beautiful, almost summerish day, today it has been raining constantly, and it was very dark outside. by 4 it was dark, it seemed! yep, we also turned the clock back, this weekend, but i still didnt get to changing all the clocks in the apartment. tim was away to a conference in san francisco the past few days, and i convinced myself that by not changing the clocks, it seemed like i had an extra hour every day! he found that foolish, as most people, i guess...
anyways. no fall picture, but the pool, covered. this was on a bright sunny day 2 weeks ago or so. ugly. uncovered the pool looked so much nicer..! but i guess in this way it will remain nice longer... here you can see my pic of the uncovered autumn pool.