Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas lights

on tuesday we went back to the decorated house. i really wanted to see it in the dark... ofcourse we could not find it at first... driving around we actually saw many many houses with a lot of decoration. whenever there was, it was not just a bit, but always many lights.. on trees, on the porch... everywhere possible.. but all of those many lights were nothing... compared to the house above. sooooo much!!! it was impressive, and in the dark actually quite nice, although over the top. on the photo you cannot see how much it was, unfortunately... you can see a car standing there; they were watching too! luckily it was not a supercrowded street, but not entirely empty either, and most cars driving by reduced their speeds to have a look at the sea of light, some even stopping entirely... could be dangerous!
while taking pics lights started to go off.. thats why i choose this pic, despite the car; it has the most lights still on... maybe the electrical current got overloaded with soo much needed to light all this?!
the house next to it did not have one light... :)