Sunday, July 22, 2012

How friendly!

saw this sign somewhere in chelsea, close to boston. i think it was a garage, but im not sure. i wonder whether you can buy such signs or it was custom made? maybe im missing something? 
i just googled it, and found more signs like this (like here, and here). also, burger king apparently (used to?) advertises with "have it your way" (whatever that means...)
hmm, im just getting confused. lets sleep a bit. good night!

Cooling boxes

this building is on somerset street in boston. i think its the courthouse... and i finally got to photograph all the air conditioning units that hang from many houses and buildings here! (i actually took several and couldnt decide which one to post). isnt it funny?
usually, a window (or half a window) is sacrificed to place the unit into it (but you could also cut a hole through the wall, ofcourse...). its huge, heavy and ugly. if standing underneath it (outside), you might get wet; this sometimes made me wonder whether it started to rain. if you want to know how air gets cooled through such a unit, please visit wikipedia... :) its quite long! all i took from it is that these units as you can see above are produced since 1935. although its ugly and you basically loose a window, the advantage of these units is that you can cool that specific room. our apartment for example can only cool (or heat) the entire place, including the bathroom... :( but as i cant stand the noise and quite quickly get cold when its on, we dont use it too often.