Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach scene

this was a while back already; end of may, when there finally was a warm day without rain. everyone was out on the beach in revere.... 
these children were very cute, especially the girl. she was very busy removing water from the sea with her red bucket. her mom was more interested in her phone, and had her picture taken with it.. :) (she is now checking whether she is satisfied)

Charles river

yes, we were in a canoe on the charles river yesterday! the weather was great... so that was really nice.. many boats were there, too, already in place for the fireworks later that day. the river banks were full with people as well, entire families on blankets, waiting the entire day for the fireworks that only started at 10.30 that evening.
i still dont understand the concept. americans go and sit all day in the hot sun to have the best spot to see the fireworks, but as soon as it is done, they all run out as fast as possible, not taking one moment to contemplate.... well, what should they contemplate.. something, anything! nope, all they think of is getting out of there as soon as possible... :)