Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer evening

its hot! since days. i guess well above 30 degrees celsius (86F). sometimes theres some rain, but at some point the clouds recede and the sun is back at full force. i know not everyone likes it, but i do! we have the pool at our apartment complex so thats a great way to cool down (whenever we are allowed, ofcourse. the security murmured something the other day about "city regulations" to have it closed at 8 pm; as usual we were the last to leave, and really didnt want to. couldnt find anything about city regulations on google though...). 
evenings are lovely too. it remains warm.... so everyone is outside! this is at the boston common, yesterday evening (i just had an ice cream that i spilled all over my dress... grrr..actually, it turned out not to be the worst; later that evening almost an entire glass of beer got spilled onto my dress as well.. then it was really time to go home... ). in the front you can see the brewer fountain and behind it the state house. 
we really had a nice day, we started out with quite some swimming. as it was raining a tiny little bit, we had almost the entire place for ourselves. then some groceries and a walk through boston. eventually we got to the museum of fine arts, with free entrance as it was the first weekend of the month (with our bank card). some more walking, dinner, and eventually the ice cream and the beer... :) 
(the dress is clean again. and my shoes as well....)

Mail boxes

we saw this row of mail boxes somewhere on cape cod. to me this is very american.... 
at our apartment complex we have a mailbox in another building! its further than our apartment (when coming home from the subway), so we dont go there every day. sometimes we even go only once a week! its a tiny mailbox, so when going only once a week it can be pretty full. i really find it weird to have my mail coming in at another building, but i stopped caring about not checking it everyday....