Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tobin again!

above yet another view of the tobin bridge. as mentioned, i see this bridge every day, since it is right next to the lab where i work (unfortunately i cannot see it from my window). to me this scene is very american; desolate, the electricity (or whatever) wires above ground, the huge bridge... to the left you see the toll booth; just before that i took this picture. i think it is amazing that while on top of the bridge you are about to drive into the center of boston, while down below you are in deserted charlestown almost at the end of the world... :) (i was recently at the main campus and a nurse said to me; charlestown, ugh, nothing is there.. the perfect place for you scientists...)
as you can see, the snow is getting ugly. it has melted a bit, then it froze again, so its now a dirty, icy mass. although this part of the road looks rather good, many roads are even worse than they were before the snow. small and larger potholes are popping up everywhere; a result of the freezing and thawing, when water gets into small cracks in the road. if you dont have a big american car your rides becomes rather bumpy... (or... even more bumpy....) 
i still didnt manage to photograph the entire bridge... maybe next time... :)
in the meantime, i spent the entire behind my laptop.. trying to write a grant... yugghhh...