Friday, December 17, 2010

Going home!

currently im at boston airport, waiting for our flight to iceland.... and then to... amsterdam, the netherlands! after 9 months we now go back for christmas!
above you see another city, utrecht.. where we certainly will go as well, as i prefer it over amsterdam... this view is from the food/dining area of the V&D (a warehouse comparable to Macy's, i guess); i used to always drag everyone to this place as the view is so magnificent (and, if you do it secretly, you can bring your own food and just buy a coffee/tea while enjoying the view). look how different it is from usa.... :) in the back is the "dom" the most beautiful church in utrecht; every time  i look at it i am amazed by its beauty.. even after having lived in that city for 5 years. it is the tallest church tower in the netherlands, built in 1382 (!!) and it used to be the tallest building in utrecht; until 1 or 2 years ago, it was not allowed to build a building exceeding the length of the tower... but they recently started to build a huge bank building.. (maybe it got finished during the time we were gone?)  perhaps you can see, or not, but behind the church tower is the other part of the church that is not (anymore) connected to the tower. due to a fierce (found that word on wikipedia!) storm in 1674 that part was destroyed, probably due to bad construction; they had put all their effort to create that beautiful tower..... :)
ah, im looking forward to go home.... how will it be after being gone for 9 months? (and take some pictures of the dom with my new fancy camera!!)