Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just morons

this evening we were at Nantasket once again, for the ocean and the pizza! (yum!) while sitting in the cafe this time, right outside on the beach there were suddenly fireworks and it went on and on for 5 minutes at least. it was for a bachelorette party. police came to check it out, and were staring at the burned out panel with all the rockets mounted to it, and decided it was best to get the firemen to deal with it (i thought a bucket with water from the cafe would do, but who am i?). and so, soon after a firetruck came rushing down with sirens and all (for a burned out panel, mind you!). then all the machoguys just stood there for quite a while.... shining a torch on the panel. finally, 2 of them got shovels (while actually the thing caught flames again... wow.. they didnt come for nothing!) and went onto the beach. and this was their brilliant action: they flipped the panel over, into the sea, while some rockets fell off. if one if them hadnt yet ignited and would have at that very moment, it would have been right in their face, but well, they know better how to handle a firehazard than me, i suppose. after this, i assumed they would clean up, but they got off the beach! they all got in their big trucks again (another policecar had arrived as well), and just LEFT. they LEFT, while the panel was about to take off into the ocean! now what, pollution!!!! really, so far i have only seen that officials here are a bunch of idiots. yegh...
(btw: another couple & tim made sure that the panel got out of the water.... now its lying there on the beach)