Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forever 21

above a shopwindow in a fancy mall we went to last sunday. there was a little girl playing with the silver ribbons, but i was too late to take a picture. so instead tim posed for me. as much as i liked all the shiny-ness of the shopwindow, i didnt feel the urge to check the clothes... :)
anyhow, only now (at another photo i took) i saw this shop is named "forever 21", which is funny since its tims birthday today. and nope, he did not become 21.... however, he can just pretend to be forever 21, i guess.... he reached a special age and he was not too happy about it.. (21 + 9). and worst of all, i dont even have a special present aside from a birthday-candle on his donut this morning (yes, i know, thats very very poor). the books i ordered still did not arrive... ehhhmm.. what about going out to dinner tonight?