Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green fields

yesterday i was about to post a picture when i tilted my laptop screen a little and it went black... :( this has been happening quite often the past few days, so i am afraid that my macbook wont be with me that much longer. sometimes it gets back to normal when i tilt it back or even further, but i also have had to restart it a few times before it got back. buhuhuhuhuh... also, it does not want to connect to the internet anymore whenever i close it. only after restarting it does..... the past week i have perhaps restarted my computer more than in the past few months!!
i actually have been meaning to buy a new laptop since i came to the us (so, since 3 years), but either they were too expensive, or not what i wanted, or actually my current one was still ok enough, or... or.. and even now im still not sure which one to get when this one gives up....
above yet another picture of our road trip! i have not been taking any pictures here, lately.... this was on highway 101 1, which mostly runs right along the coast, but right after bodega bay it goes a little further inwards and you are treated to this beautiful green rolling hills with sheep, horses and cows.... and no computers in sight!! :)