Friday, August 3, 2012

My card

whoops. i wanted to send some emails this evening, and do some other stuff. instead, i found myself in an uncomfortable position on the couch, woken up by tim. buuuhhh. now its time to really sleep (and probably i wont be able, it is so very hot!). am even too lazy to get my own laptop out of my bag, but found this picture still on tims. tim made this card for me! i sometimes give it to people, but not too often. i do like to leave it here and there (but usually i forget to do that too), like here at the dali-museum in st petersburg, florida. there were this trees in the garden where everyone hung his entrance-bracelet. looked pretty nice, actually. 
unfortunately, nobody ever posted on my blog; "hey, i came here because i found your card, blablabla..."
maybe one day....
(im reading a book here, its at a cafe in utrecht, the netherlands)

Abandoned car

at this specific spot somewhere in florida (where we were last december) some 4 or 5 of these cars were randomly standing around, waiting to be overgrown, i guess... it was so weird! but fascinating too...