Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amsterdam - Boston

i am ofcourse regularly checking . there i saw this:
we flew through iceland when coming to boston; it was cheaper than KLM, allowed to take 2 suitcases instead of 1 (very important to me), and.... it was much much more relaxed than flying through Paris as we did last time.. iceland airport was very quiet. and we saw a little bit of iceland! it was very sunny and it looked like it would be hot outside (it was however only 4 degrees). from what we saw from the country.. it looked like the moon.... so colourless and flat empty (but maybe the moon looks very different). now i actually would like to see more of Iceland. maybe next time when flying home!

Huge couch

yesterday no internet. this pic is from saturday. we were at the Jordan's... the girl at the car rental told us it was a great (!!!!) furniture store.. so we went (it was next to Ikea anyways). well.. it was awful. never saw such an enormous store with sooo much ugly furniture. in that way it was great to see.. indeed, but i dont think she meant it in that way. there were sooo many enormous & ugly couches (like the one on the pic). many with a holder for your drinks and a secret compartment for all your snacks, so that you never have to move while watching tv.... typical American?