Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas decoration

on the road to saugus (there we have the mall with the used bookstore and quite some other shops, as well as, a little further, a huge thrift store) we passed this house today. while passing i couldnt believe how much was in that garden, so we turned, drove back and stopped to take some pictures. the light is not the best, but clearly, there is a lot of christmas decoration. its not even everything!! on the left side is a bridge entirely decorated and we were in fact standing in the other part of the garden, that was also entirely filled with decorations and lights and i dont know what. the owner was busy putting up some more... there were several notes that you should not walk on the (private) driveway; however, they did make an "observation area" (where we were standing). never saw something like that before...!
now i want to go back in the dark, to see all the lights!!