Friday, August 31, 2012

Ready to...

.... shoot!
this was at the cliff diving event last saturday. everyone was ready to take that one shot. except me... :)
i think its interesting that on the one hand there are all these fancy cameras, and on the other the phones. not much in between anymore, it seems!

Fresh veggies!

veggies for sale, just along the road somewhere in vermont. isnt that cool? we stopped, just to take a picture (our fridge at home still full with vegetables that needed to be eaten...). to the right on the stand you see a small white box, on it was written "donations". on the other side a list with the names of all the vegetables present, and that they were dusted, but still needed to be washed. for you to take, and for you to determine how much you pay for it! amazing, no? i wonder how much money comes in that way!
i would like to seel stuff too... pastries and bread... anyone interested? :)