Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boston water

this pic was made yesterday from the beach. every few minutes another plane was flying into Boston, and there was continuous noise- not from the water, but from the planes. i now flew twice into boston and i dont like that you are descending until very low above water, instead of ground...
today it was very hot (above 30 degrees), and we could not get a soda: there is a problem with the drinking water in boston since yesterday, we just saw it on our free tv. some pipe broke and a state of emergency has been declared by the boston mayor. you are not allowed to drink the water, unless boiled for 1 minute, and you should also not brush your teeth, or shower. if you do shower with it, you should use handsanitizer afterwards.. (that stuff is everywhere so thats no problem). they are distributing bottled water at certain points..
in fact it all seems a bit funny! (but i only drink bottled water....)