Thursday, January 27, 2011

Harvesting snow

in all earnest i told a friend in Nice where its quite a bit warmer than here, and no snow, that the excess of snow is currently brought to "snow farms". snow farms?! so, they are now even harvesting snow?!! up till now, more than 50 inches (127 cm) of snow has fallen totally, and last night's storm added another 12 inches.... of course i was again sleepless and watched the snow falling every now and then during the night. by now, so much snow has fallen, it barely fits along the sidewalks, and thus they started to bring excess snow to "snow farms" (while driving we already noticed the roads became quite a bit narrower; especially with a large real american truck...). snow farms are empty fields, parking lots and playgrounds where the snow can be stacked up high (so high that it might not thaw until spring!!). the metro newspaper tells me that boston has 6 snow farms. my plan for the weekend; find one of those and climb the mountains..... :D
above another picture from the window of our apartment this morning, before they had time to clear the path.... doesnt it look pretty? im sure the person walking there took great care to create prefect tracks...