Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow boots

it was snowing the entire morning! and its colder again... its predicted to get very cold over the weekend, leaving us monday at -12 degrees celsius..! lets see...
above my boots in the hallway leading to our apartment. these corridors are sooo ugly! the colors, the light... it looks like a hotel and the doors to the apartments are also "hotel style", they slam shut the moment you let go of them. its so noisy and very inconvenient when coming home with a lot of groceries... but of course thats all forgotten as soon as we enter our perfect apartment... :)
anyways, im so happy i bought these boots! they are perfect with all the snow and salt, as all my other shoes (ooh, i have too many!) would be ruined... so on snow days (or rainy days), i wear my boots, with pink boot liners to keep my feet a little warm. at work i then change to ballerinas or something.... ooh.... shoes.... :)