Friday, August 23, 2013

Last March

in march we were in death valley, california, and now im back in amsterdam since a while already. its still  so weird! i really miss these sceneries and the relative ease with which we were able to visit all this beauty.... now im back to good old (and yes, pretty, but pretty in such a very, very different way) holland, and not taking that many photos... also, im skipping days with posting for whatever reason.... (i guess a combination of laziness and lack of new photos). im still not entirely out of the "getting-used-to-be-back-home-again-phase", i guess.... i miss the endless empty roads in the us, and the hours you could drive seeing extremes in landscapes. in the netherlands you are out of the country within 3 hours!! (thats why the speed limit on most highways in 100km/hr, otherwise you would be out of the country even faster).
here in death valley we had parked the car down the little hill, and walked up under the sizzling hot sun. we did it because everyone else did it, eager not to miss anything. i think it was the ladies you see here in the front that said to us when passing "well, that was a total waste of our efforts!". that was just so weird to me! i thought it was pretty, and even in the hot sun its nice to be out and not seeing everything just from the car....