Sunday, March 27, 2011

Open door

im lazy today, so i let the church once again speak for me....
however.. i do not agree...!
you can also just drive on to boston....

Ooops, trespassing!

yesterday tim said; i found a real cool spot to take some pictures! so after he picked me up from work, we drove there, parked the car at a deserted parking lot (only for students with permit; others will be towed; ofcourse we did not have a permit), and walked on the above road. it was cool indeed; this was right underneath the big dig! above us all the cars on the many roads leading into boston. i posted several pictures while driving there already. while driving i am always amazed by the many roads crossing/passing etc each other, to eventually all lead you, from all directions, into boston. the amount of concrete is amazing, but i wouldnt call it ugly... :)
we just walked, and we were right underneath the road that gets you to this spot. we walked on, and suddenly stood right in front of another landmark: the boston sand & gravel! it was cool, but also a little scary; normally there are gates, cameras, security and signs warning you to stay away. here; nothing! until we walked back and i found this sign; i cant blame us for missing that when we rushed by the first time.... :) perhaps we are now sought for trespassing and photographing potential targets. (girl with bright green sneakers and guy with red trousers; thats hard to miss on their closed circuit television!)