Sunday, May 9, 2010

Church building

i was still one pic behind, so now i make up for that. this building is at the T-stop "symphony", and so i thought this is the actual symphony. already searched for cheap concert tickets, as i was so curious to see this building from the inside. today we discovered this is not the symphony at all; it is a church!! we could go in and a woman showed us around. it was really beautiful inside!!! apparently it has the biggest organ in the world, and we were welcome on Sunday morning 10 for the service (maybe just once to hear that organ). we also went to the "Mapparium" (, owned by the church as well. that was really cool...!
maybe tomorrow a pic of the actual "symphony", but that was a disappointing building (at least from the outside), in my opinion....

With boots

yesterday it rained, a LOT. so it was good i was wearing my new boots! and yes, they are available in all kinds of colors and patterns... really funny to see. i choose the ones that many women actually have.. doesnt that make me a real american?
after drinks and dinner we heard a weird noise while walking home: dont know how, but a car suddenly was upside down (yes, lying on its roof), a little further down the road. tim did his duty and dialed 911, but they already knew (he called max 2 minutes after it happened) and were on their way. indeed, within 5 mins we saw a policecar. we decided it would be better not to get mixed up into things and went home... (aside for the car being on its roof it didnt seem to be really bad, luckily), and in the lab they had already warned tim its better not to help when something happens on the street.. (lawsuits and so on?)