Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A what..??!

those people are running in morphsuits.... i didnt know that until i saw it printed on the back of one of their suits. of course i had to look that up. apparently its a company in scotland, founded by 3 guys in 2009. and well, they make these skin-tight garments, covering literally the entire body. they started making those next to their day jobs, but became so successfull that they quit their jobs to focus entirely on the company. they sold some 50,000 suits between 2009-2010, and 250,000 between 2010-2011. most of their costumers are men....
so the above was at the amsterdam marathon this past sunday. here they are about to cross the finish line; just one more round in the olympic stadium of amsterdam. those people above are finishing their half marathon. i cannot imagine running a half marathon (not even a quarter, buuuh. i seem to be unable to run more than 5 to at most 7 kms...), and i certainly cannot imagine running in such a suit!! i have no idea why they did... (the morphsuit website claims its amazing to wear one; everyone can see you, but nobody knows WHO you are, and thats apparently addicting; "you will find yourself wearing your suit more and more!")
they are available in many colors, btw... :)
ah, i just found that the people running in these pink morphsuits were doing so to raise awareness for breast cancer.