Monday, February 21, 2011

Oops, sleeping....

i wrote yesterday we bought a new chair, which leaves more space for one of us sleeping on the couch. involuntarily i tested that the past 2 hours!! gone evening..... :( i did not one of the things i had wanted to do. but sleeping.... grrrrrr!!!
i thought this pic fits to that. it was taken in september, when we went to New York for 2 days... aaah, i want to go there again! here we had walked quite a bit along the shore. through battery park we passed the huge number of people waiting for the ferry taking them to the statue of liberty, then the ferry to staten island (unfortunately it was too late, we had to go back home!), and here we hoped to catch a ferry to new jersey, where our car was parked. but no, that ferry was only operating on weekdays. we did see the ferry coming in from ikea, it was so funny seeing all those new yorkers coming off the boat with ikea-stuff. it was a beautiful day and so was the walk, but quite long and we had walked so much already!
this morning we woke up with quite some snow again, but it stopped in the early afternoon and didnt remain on the streets. but it was pretty waking up...
now off to bed, i need even more sleep!
for the record; this is not a self portrait!! ;)