Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fake cleanliness

i learned something today: also (fake) hippies, homeless people and other occupiers of boston want to keep their hands clean.
yes, we finally went to see "occupy boston", i have seen occupy wall street (here and here), and occupy amsterdam (here), and so it was time to check it out here. it was not scary, just smelly. my pics turned out rather crappy; it was so grey out today, and not that much going on. yes, many tents in a very small public piece of green, smelly people, and many signs. signs on how to behave in the tent city, and signs to protest one thing or another... i will post another pic of it soon (when i made up my mind about it all, and decided which pic is the least crappy one). as you can see here, occupy boston has hand sanitizer, just like every other public building, supermarket and what-not here in the usa. as for me, as long as they have not given up on hand sanitizer, even amidst a stinking mess of rotting food (just opposite of the food stand) and smelly homeless people, i think its not that important. if they are not willing to give up their fake sense of cleanliness, this obsession with killing real or imaginery germs.... they cannot really have a cause... 
i wish south park would dedicate an episode to this, i think it would be really funny... (this is a fine example)

Boston bruins

this evening we were fortunate enough to see a game in the td garden with frank & manon. it was very interesting to see real americans during a sport event. of course i did not know the rules and i missed the first 2 goals. but i did notice that americans cant sit still. they get up, they leave, come back, go again.... and they say f*ck very, very, very often. also, they scream a lot and called the players f*cking douchebags (especially some guy behind us got very agitated during the game. he might have lost his voice...). i am certainly not going to take up ice hockey as my new hobby; everything seems to be allowed and it was pretty rough. the excitement was at its top when 2 players started to hit each other, and if i remember correctly, the boston guy managed to pull of the shirt from the san jose guy.
when it was clear boston was not going to win, there was a massive run for the exits, something we have noticed before with any event.... as soon as something is ended, or rather, is about to end, real americans leave... perhaps to avoid getting stuck when all the other people are leaving as well?