Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More leafs

realized yesterday i actually have quite a collection of tim and leafs... here another one. this is in the boston common, maybe 2 weeks ago? there was air being blown out of whatever he was standing on, so then i made him throw leafs in the air... see above.
ofcourse then someone asked whether he should take a picture of the 2 of us. and i declined. i always decline, without thinking whether this is maybe unfriendly! ah well, now with my new big fancy camera; dont want to give that to anyone else...!

Leaves Tim

yesterday the internet really was not working... so today then... :)
most trees now really lost their leafs... :(( its so empty now, although a few trees are keeping up most of them.. maybe there is a contest among trees, which can keep their leafs longest. i guess now the cemetery does not have that many leaves on the ground anymore as above.. but it was so great to be there under the tree, with all the beautiful colors.....
its still not very cold here! it was yesterday morning, but right now and yesterday evening it was very mild...