Friday, July 20, 2012

Long shadows

i am going through our photos from the las vegas-san diego trip. above is at venice beach. glad to stumble upon it, as i had no clue which picture to post this evening... :) 
its tims, not mine. i cant even remember seeing such long shadows!! (once again he takes the better pics...)

Rooftop garden

saw this last week when walking to the pizza place. with the american flag, ofcourse! and perhaps a grill, although i believe that thats not allowed... i wish we had some place outside. even just a tiny balcony.... great for testing the weather before you head out. although, the weather from the past days (is it weeks by now?) has been the same; HOT. yesterday we did have quite the rainstorm in the early evening, but it didnt cool off that much....
anyways. i just realize i have shown you the wall in the foreground earlier! somewhere in february. as you can see, it looks completely different now and the ghost sign has almost entirely disappeared. amazing, how fast everything grows... (and amazing, how going to the gym does not seem to reduce me in size, but im sure that when i wont go anymore, the opposite will happen very quickly... ! :( )