Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Skating around

just a few days ago i showed you this picture with the white bridge. and the above picture is taken from that bridge. doesnt it look lovely? the museum in the background, the I Amsterdam sculpture in front of that, and lots of people having old dutch fun.... i know biebkriebels and sccollections already showed similar (or the same!) pictures, but it was just too nice a view not to post it.... (good tim doesnt have a blog... ;) ). sccollections compares it with the old dutch paintings of people skating, and shows one for comparison. it was also the first thing this reminded me of.
the weather currently is a little confused! its almost springlike. when we went for a run on monday it was much much warmer than we anticipated. we could have left the running caps at home for sure, and a short sleeved shirt would have been better too.... but, temperatures are expected to drop coming week and we might even get some snow.... (i will believe that when it happens...)