Friday, June 10, 2011

In Texas

we arrived in dallas today. stupid, this morning, at the airport i had to ask tim where we were flying to; i did not even know! i knew it was texas, but.... anyways... we went from boston to newark, and from there to texas. then we got into a car and this is what i saw.... lots and lots of highway. and you can go very fast there, much faster than around boston!
and now im tired... its hot here too. real hot. sizzling it said on the weather forecast in the plane. i thought it was funny, but it really is sizzling.... ah well.. airconditioning is everywhere and right now im a little cold, even though its 10 pm and outside its 28 degrees celsius...

More pink

another pink lady i saw on times square... :)
now i am packing, as tomorrow we goto..... texas! i never been there so i am very curious.. its hot there and we go for a wedding.. i hope i packed the right clothes...