Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quite different!

remember that picture i showed of the museum square back in september?! probably not :), so check it out here. now... the above picture i took from the same spot! thats quite a difference, no?! the pond is now a skating rink, and they built a typical dutch bridge for spectators to oversee it all. its by far not cold enough to have the pond frozen naturally, by the way... but it was still pretty chilly while we were there yesterday. it was very crowded! there was quite a line for getting into the skating rink.
biking was a little less fun. all the biking paths were scattered with broken glass. apparently celebrating the new year goes together with littering the streets and braking lots of bottles. it was a miracle my tires didnt get pierced! today on the news they reported that a lot of damage was done during new years eve (be it by fireworks or just vandalism in general), many cars got burned out and also a lot of people got hurt by fireworks. i think at least 10 people got blind on one eye, some lost their hand (or parts of it), and 1 person died. so... i really wouldnt mind if they would just forbid the use of fireworks, but im not sure this will happen anytime soon...