Saturday, April 6, 2013

Road sign

along the highway you see a lot of signs for food. some just to let you know about their restaurant, sometimes even 30 miles ahead, or more. or less. or like above "worth every calorie". since i goto the gym, where all the machines count each calorie you have burned (although i know they are not accurate, and you probably usually burn a little less than they say), i sometimes think in calories too. many restaurants list how many calories each of their dishes contains, so then i all i think is; ooh, for just that cookie i have to bike 30 minutes! or run 3 miles.... not always, but sometimes it helps not having the cookie... :)
the coffee place in the hospital also lists the calories of all their pastries, and many of the muffins, brownies and (giant) cookies are easily 400 calories, some even 600-700!! just a muffin... nowadays i only get their coffee, and just watch all the calories i dont have to bike off.. ;)