Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bye legs..

this was during the gay parade in august. perhaps these were all students, now enjoying the canal parade from their living room window. then it was still warm enough, but the past few days it almost felt like autumn! lots and lots of rain, wind, and not too warm. so... no more legs i guess till next year.... :(
we biked to the city center to visit some "monuments", unfortunately in a bit of rain, but luckily we did not get too wet. today and tomorrow its "open monumentendag" (heritage day), and that means you can visit many places, mostly for free, that you normally cannot visit, or only by paying. there were several histoic canal houses open to the public and we planned on visiting perhaps a few. but... then we saw the lines outside many of them and we decided to not even try... (waiting in the rain outside is not one of my favorite things). we did visit a photo exhibit in the amsterdam city archives, which was quite interesting (of course we somehow choose the one exhibit that you did have to pay for). then we biked back. luckily it was dry, but still damp and windy. it gave me a headache; i guess after 3 years of hardly ever biking outside in the us i am not used to it anymore...