Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Those trees!

this is a little outside the city center of amsterdam, where there is a little more space for wide bike paths as the one you see above (although many bike paths are actually not as narrow as i had expected!). the trees here are numerous and so very pretty! they are all crooked, hanging to the same side... of course, it started raining a little after taking this picture. at least we were almost at our destination... 
as you can see, you do not necessarily need a "bakfiets" to transport kids. a seat mounted on the back works as well. some also have one on the front, so that you can transport 2 kids... :) then you can hang your big bag of groceries on your handlebar... just make sure to keep your balance!!  me and my sister once were transported like that (hard to imagine now), but never in such a fancy seat as you see above.