Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding shit

today was yet another amazingly sunny day (it is october!!). we had a walk in the forest, drove around, landed on this beautiful beach in rockport with a lot of dogs and a bride & groom.. they were there for their wedding photos, i presume. there was a lady with a huge camera, their dog, and his parents (i think). the lady was directing them to run along the water together, he had to lift her up and she put her leg perfectly up in the air. after those cliche pictures were taken, the photographer put them down in the dunes, and finally she made them walk with the dog along the beach. beeeuuuughhhh!! who wants such pictures?! what do you do with such pictures? what does it capture? your perfectly orchestrated moments after the wedding?! ah well, i guess i am not suited for wedding photography. the only time i really became interested was when the dog took a shit and the groom immediately got down to put it in a plastic bag (pictured above). well, that finally was a true and spontaneous moment! the bride was looking the other way, while her husband was doing what he was supposed to do. and at that time ofcourse the wedding photographer with her enormous camera was nowhere to be found... (in fact, the only thing she said, was "gosh, you 2 made that dog soo nervous!! and then the poor dog was handed back to their parents and the photoshoot continued)