Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soap shop

this is at downtown crossing where we got on the orange line tonight after dinner. the soap shop currently has pink led lights around all of their windows. in the netherlands that would mean something else.. or is that only when the lights are red? i find it funny and always have to think of the red light district when i see this shop now... not what the average american would like to be associated with, i guess, when going to this shop!
those soap shops have an overwhelming smell, coming towards you if you are still far away, yegh. i prefer to stay out of this shop. they have millions of different hand sanitizer; different color, scents, size etc. same for soap, room refresher, etc etc etc.... but essentially its all the same; this shop could greatly reduce its size, i would say... :D

Quick post

a quick post to make up for yesterday's lack of one...
this is kind of close to south station, i would say between the institute of contemporary art and south station. just some street thats currently rather abandoned, but it looks like they are working on getting some rather fancy apartments all around there, as you can see above. i like the location, and close to the harbor, but other than that, theres not much to do.. (yet).
i feel i am doing bad concerning posting and taking pictures... i hope both will improve soon! :) i blame the weather, and otherwise my camera (or my lack of understanding of it), thats the easiest... ;)