Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty white!

to me this seems to be in a forest somewhere far away, but in fact its just the ditch next to our apartment. its pretty in fall and when snowing.... but can be quite ugly too at times! its interesting how much the water level can differ....we had some snow yesterday again, but today it wasnt that cold and its melting away... :(
our apartment complex changed owners very suddenly around august last year. we were informed after it had become a fact, just as we were informed that from that moment on dogs were allowed in the complex. nowadays whenever we walk the stairs (or someone else),open our door, or sometimes it seems even when we breathe inside our own home the neighbour's tiny dog barks like he is squeezed by paris hilton (or something like that). tim got into the habit of barking back (very convincingly), so i guess they think we are doglovers too..... theres more to complain about, but lets leave that for another time... ;)