Monday, January 21, 2013

Freeze alert

while yesterday it was pretty warm (above 10C for sure), today started out quite cold. predictions are temperatures wont get above 0C (i guess thats 32F). and.... we started this evening with some light snow! 2-3 feet some weathermen say for tomorrow.... so, above another picture of our first snowstorm in the usa, january 2011. we got up and before they could clear the paths we "walked" through the snow at our apartment complex. we literally were in it till our knees! it was so cool!! (and cold!).
today we even got a "freeze alert" from our apartment management (weather forecasts say it will be well below 0C, maybe even -15C some nights this week). we are supposed to keep our thermostat at 60F to prevent freezing of the plumbing. every now and then our apartment gets to 50F (10C, during the night or when we have been away), and well yes, then we switch on the heating. but keeping it permanently on 60F (15C) seems a bit too much for me? i dont think we need that to keep the plumbing from freezing... we are even supposed to let the office know if nighbours are away, so that they can "protect their home". what do they do? they go in and switch on the heating without permission? i think thats a little odd....  well... lets see whats going to happen. we now at least know that management is not responsible for any disaster in our apartment....