Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A blizzard...?

yesyes, i was complaining about the little amount of snow we got last sunday as well as yesterday. and today all everyone could talk about is the huge amounts of snow we might get this friday/saturday. wherever i was, the question was the same; have you heard? the snow, friday?! well yes.... a snowstorm, a blizzard even, might visit us this friday, bringing huge amounts of snow. possibly "breaking all records", "potentially historic". superlative onto superlative... lets see.... i hope it will just b a lot of snow, but not a lot of mess... its good that its supposed to start friday evening so that we have the weekend to enjoy the snow or recover from it.
apparently, people already started preparing, bread isles at supermarkets are being emptied. i guess we are good. we havent seen the bread isle in many months!! one night tim had to do some work and i was so very bored.... but baking yet another cake would require us to spend every free hour we have in the gym, so i decided to try and bake a bread for a change. the dough was so very sticky! tim had no clue what i was doing, until i asked him at some point to please release me from "the dough".  i remember how he was laughing when he saw what i was doing, not knowing what exactly it was i was trying to make there... somehow that dough did become a bread, and i was soooooo very proud!! just somewhat later i got a sourdough starter (a truly amazing gift!!) from a friend, i bought all kinds of flours, seeds, nuts and this book. and well... since then we never bought bread again. i am not afraid of the dough anymore and tim does not have to release me from it... and (usually) every saturday we now have fresh bread, straight from the oven. a crispy-crunchy crust, some butter...... worth every bit of time and effort, yummm!! (above the sourdough bread with sunflower, sesame and flax-seeds we had last saturday). so yes, breadwise we are ready for the snowstorm.......

Light dusting

we have a tiny bit of snow this evening... actually it snowed almost the entire sunday as well, but this is what was on the ground when we went for a walk that day. so disappointing...!
and well... thats all there is to say regarding this pic! its weird knowing that there is someone out there with a set of keys to our apartment complex, most likely. we already had suspected that when we were informed of just the 2. so that it actually were 11 was mostly shocking because the management didnt tell us that right when they knew, and just kept on pretending nothing was wrong. apparently, there hadnt been a single burglary in the 6 years this place exists. until last october, when there were 2, with forced entry (interestingly, just in the month a new management took over, just saying....), and thus the 11 that happened 2 weeks ago as i told you yesterday. i always felt very safe here, had no problem leaving the door open on the 3rd floor to run back to the garage to get the rest of the groceries. or propping open our front door to enjoy the excessive airconditioning in our hallways during extremely hot summer days (yesyes, we are cheapos; its a neat way to safe on our electricity bill, hahahahaha). but... not anymore. the thieves did not even leave fingerprints, and really knew what they were doing.... whenever there is a sound in the hallway i think its someone trying our front door, and i always double-check whether tmi has really locked our door. in time that will pass again, i guess... and really, we have nothing but huge amounts of clothes and shoes. no tv, no fancy stereo, no laptops... i like to think "they" checked our apartment already and saw nothing worth stealing....