Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freezing books

"de vries" is a very common last name in the netherlands, but leaving out the "de", you get freezing books, as pictured above.... :) yup, it is still freezing, and the snow is still abundantly present... also at the beach!
de vries is a bookstore in Haarlem, and has been there since 1905; the shop seemed huge and very pretty, and most importantly; stuffed with books... we didnt go inside, (im already worried how to get everything we accumulated the past few days back to boston) but i liked their christmas decoration so much that i took a picture... the girl above then said to her mother: we have to show these stars to dad. her mother asked: but how? and then the girl said; well, we should also take a picture!
the new york city neighborhood harlem is named after haarlem; but there the resemblance stops... i would say, after having seen both....  however, in this time zone it is very late now, so if you want to catch up on your harlem wikipedia reading, click here, and for the dutch haarlem, click here... good night!