Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Current view

well, the fog has gone done a bit further already... its going quite fast! we are on top of mont royal, and we had admired the view when we arrived monday evening. i was really excited yesterday to see the valley in the morning sun. but... when opening the curtains there was just thick fog. and it remained like that until we left (and i think quite a while after that). this morning it was really sunny, so i was sure that there was no fog... but... completely fogged up again when i opened the curtains. that was a few hours ago, but now, during breakfast, its slowly getting less....
yesterday we visited trier, the oldest german city. then in the evening we had a swim (theres a pool! so nice!) overlooking the other side of the valley. after that we watched some tv, and came to the conclusion its really more peaceful to live without a tv, like we do at home. i discovered there is some sort of reality program on the dutch tv (there are a lot of dutch tourists here, so they really cater to the dutch) where singles meet each other on a deserted island. while naked. and while being filmed naked. very, very weird. we also watched "opsporing verzocht". a program in which they ask the help of people in trying to find thiefs and criminals by showig their pictures and showing/telling what they did. it makes you afraid just to buy something at the store! (there are a lot of losers that are tricking especially old people they encounter in supermarkets to help them and while they get the "help" they ask for, they steal that person's bank card and take all their money).
ah, the internet connection is really crappy here. we have to pay for it, but often its not working, and half of the sites are not accessible or take ages to load. grrrrrr! time for some hiking in the neighborhood!