Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkeys everywhere

the supermarket was no fun today. it was overcrowded... its usually crowded, but now it was insane. i guess because this is the last sunday before thanksgiving, coming thursday. that day everything is closed, all shops, museums, etc. its not a day for presents, but a day for eating with friends and family. what we see in the movies is true; a turkey needs to be prepared and eaten. so there was an overload of turkeys in the freezers... 7 dollars for an entire turkey!
na, we didnt buy one....
im not satisfied with the picture... :( but it was soooo crowded there! everyone (including me) was annoyed, and there were soooo many carts and you could barely take what you want as you were blocking the way for others.. so slowing everything down by taking pictures surely was not appreciated..
at the checkout we still cause confusion, i guess. we started bringing our own shopping bags, a while ago but thats not something they are used to here. they put as little items in as many bags as possible. so even though we made clear we have our own, they kept bagging our groceries. and then put that in our own shopping bags.. save the planet, oh yeah!

Christmas tree!

this is at faneuil hall, the most touristy place in boston. today was the "tree lighting ceremony", which lasted from 11 in the morning until 6.30 in the evening (what did they do?!! was hanging all the lights included in the ceremony?). yes, now there are many, many lights there (this is only a small part). the tree is impressive, at least to me! and i guess to the little girl in the photo.... (she was posing for her mom, but her mother took soo many pictures that she obviously got bored)
there are now 25,000 lights.....
i guess from now on there will be more and more christmas decoration around, and its not even december!