Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yes, snow!

not the best picture but it was snowing sooo much! :)
just bringing out the trash was a journey.. wading through sooo much snow!! i never ever saw so much snow before.. and its amazing how so very soon they started to clear it away. it has been snowing the entire day now, and they are continuously driving around to remove it...
many tree branches became too heavy with all the snow, combined with the wind, several broke off, leading to power outages (luckily not at our apartment complex; no cables above ground).
here an article about the snow today!

Oh snow!!!

its 5 in the morning and i still didnt do yesterday's post... no internet.
this picture i just took from the window of our apartment! the amount of snow is truly amazing!!! there were warnings about a new snowstorm coming up all day yesterday, it was supposed to start around midnight, and continue trhoughout most of wednesday. i never experienced a snowstorm so i am kind of excited, and is that maybe the reason that i cannot sleep and look outside almost every hour since i went to bed around 1?! at 1 there was still nothing, the paths downstairs free of snow and only some residual snow here and there. the hours after i saw it was snowing a bit, and now at 5 suddenly everything is entirely covered! amazing! in just a few hours... the snow is coming down very fast now, and much more is supposed to come.. maybe i cant get to work, maybe i can and then i cannot get back. ah, oh yes.. thats a worry for later; maybe i should first get back to bed now and have a little more sleep...?
good night!
(wow, i feel like a child waiting for "sinterklaas"!)