Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another break

whoopsie,... suddenly i again didnt post for over a week.... i even missed the 4th anniversary of this blog!! (as did everyone else... ;) ).
soooo.... heres another picture (by now the trees are a bit greener)... its taken on the overpass of a park not too far from our house. this doggie (which is really quite big!) is overlooking the park, just like a similar, even bigger one is doing across the road. they are modelled after those dogs with wobbly heads you see on car dashboards sometimes.
this park is called the Rembrandtpark, and has many small paths, all leading to the main pedestrian/biking path going straight across the park. so... you can run around quite a bit, without taking the same path twice. on monday we went here for a run. when we left home the sky was already darkening and it was surely going to rain, we just didnt know when... halfway it started, and rain came pouring down like crazy! within minutes we were soaked, but like a few others runners, we just continued to run, instead of waiting it out underneath this bridge (like many bikers did). it could have been a tiny bit warmer, and the big raindrops in my eyes were a bit annoying at times. other than that, i actually really liked running in the rain...